Michael Ruiz: “For me this is life, my life”

eople ask me: why do you challenge your limits? Why do you take your body to extremes? Why do you challenge death? … For me, this is life, my life. The closer I am to the “limit”, the closer I am to my essence, my being, to knowing who I am, to knowing what kind of material I am made of, to not deceive my mind with false ideas.

Cristina Cominardi: “But… am I really an Icon?!?”

When I saw the Icon stand during a race in Lovere in 2015, I would never have thought that in 2017 I would be standing at the shore of that lake ready to start an adventure. In the months before, during my preparation, I often thought it would be a really difficult race but I […]

Fabio Patragnoni (Cristiano Tara Support Team): “Tears of happiness fall on Cristiano’s face”

Livigno, September 3rd 2016. It’s 2:30 a.m. and in the bedroom next to mine, Cristiano is getting up to start his new and hard adventure, the ICON Extreme Triathlon. He’s not alone, this time his family is with him and his wife Elisa, pregnant of their third daughter, is preparing the most energetic breakfast to […]