The second edition of ICON goes around the world

Athletes like Icon Livigno Xtreme Triathlon and its international feature is becoming even stronger. Lovers of this discipline from all over the world are falling in love with its iconic countryside, the Alps and its evocative sceneries.

With its 3,8 km swimming, its 195km cycling and 42,2km running, Icon Xtreme Triathlon fits very well amongst the most wanted extreme long distance multi-discipline races worldwide.

Only a month after the opening, registrations have exceeded the numbers of the first exciting edition in 2016. It is not utopia to think that the sold out will be reached before the end of the year.

15 countries, apart from Italy, will take part: Romania, Belgium, Norway, Hungary, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Russia, Austria, Croatia, Spain, Holland, Czech Republic, France, Brazil.

The organisational committee is working towards the creation of a great event where ICON Livigno Xtreme Triathlon will be the main cornerstone but that will also be a real high altitude outdoor festival with a full agenda of unmissable events for all level of sports preparation, starting on Thursday and finishing on Sunday.

The sprint triathlon of the first edition was a bite of what could have become a great kermesse of the multidiscipline. This year an event dedicated to the lovers of the off-road and one reserved to the para-triathlon will be added to Icon and the sprint race, alongside many other news that won’t be revealed yet but that they will amaze you.

Livigno, with its 1800 metres above the sea level, with its strong vocation towards the outdoor sports, will guarantee an exceptional performance for such events thanks to the quality and the big choice of accommodations that are not easy to find in other mountain locations with this altitude profile.

There is no time to waste. Give yourself a place on the first row and the chance to be protagonist of this marvellous sport journey. From our side, we promise, you will not regret it!